Dear Members,

Membership Renewal
Our new fiscal year begins September 1.  The form will also be available for download from our website.  Please submit the completed form with remittance at your earliest convenience.  Immediate funds are needed as we plan for our first AKC Hunt Test to be held September 29-30 in Ellerbe.

Please note that the membership categories on the renewal form have been reorganized to reflect comments and discussions at member and board meetings.  In short, the geographical limitation for voting has been eliminated and a family membership that includes dependants has been created.  Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible and to encourage membership participation.  Amendments to the By-Laws for these changes and others will be disseminated as soon as I can get them drafted!

The questionnaire portion of the renewal form is important too.  Membership demographics are tabulated and periodically submitted to AKC with our membership directory.

Fall Hunt Test – September 29-30 
Please block these dates off on your calendar – Saturday, September 29 and Sunday, September 30.  SRC does not have a work requirement for membership like many clubs do, but everyone’s help will be sorely needed and most appreciated to have a successful event.  This, our first event, will be monitored by an AKC representative who will report back to AKC about our organization, equipment and general ability to hold licensed AKC events in the future.  A request for volunteers will be made separately in the near future.  So, please be prepared to raise your hand.

Treasurer and Membership Report
Thank you all for supporting the establishment of SRC.  As we approach the end of our first year, we have 56 members and $2,666 in the bank.  Two new member applications are pending.  A Treasurer’s Report will be distributed to the membership soon after our year-end closes on August 31.

To become a member of the Sandhills Retriever Club just click on link below to download SRC Membership Application form.

Membership Application Form